Survey of web presentation tools

As discussed before, I'm interested in tools and processes around giving presentations. I manage (seek out) to give a handful of presentations a year and enjoy putting time into making my slide deck and practicing. I use Keynote exclusively if it's a presentation I'm giving alone (Google Docs if it's co-presented), but I I'd like to move to a web-based presentation, where the slides are HTML.

Fortunately there are lots of solutions and options for HTML and web-based presentation software. I have something specific in mind, but this post serves to survey some of the current tools in this space.

Existing solutions

Note, these are solutions using HTML only.

  • Deck.js : HTML presentations
    • themes, transitions
  • deck.remote.js : Clients for deck.js
    • using websocket submodule
  • slide down : HTML slides with Markdown
  • pow : Client-side HTML slides
  • DZslides : one-page client-side slides
  • Shower : Presentation template

Incomplete / Not open-soure

  • : Streaming HTML-based presentations
  • Slide-Tap : Streaming presentation
  • Pitchography : Streaming markup-based pitches
  • SlideJoin : Stream presentation

Browser-based editors

  • 280slides : Browser-based editor

Solutions with PHP/Ruby/Python

  • html5slides : Client-side HTML slides
  • S5 : HTML slides
  • slide show (s9) : HTML slides
    • Ruby
  • Shininh :
    • Ruby
  • landslide : Python generator for html5slides
    • Python
  • : Browser-based editor, streaming
    • PHP
  • ShowOff : Streaming presentation
    • python

Helpful tools

  • Showdown.js : JS Markdown reader