DrupalCon Denver

Planning for DrupalCon Denver's content schedule

DrupalCon Denver will have a preliminary schedule of official sessions published December 7th. That's in one week! To avoid publishing a Google Spreadsheet we'll need to decide how the schedule will look and build the necessary components. Let's break it down and discuss.

Conference schedules

The goal is to make it easy to coordinate time and location with content so a person can find something to attend that's relevant to him or her.

DrupalCon London did a great job of progressing the conference schedule:

DrupalCon Denver: Tools and processes

The Drupal community has put on nine "DrupalCons" before (not counting joint conferences), growing from just dozens of people to now an established, international professional event at last height of nearly 4,000, at DrupalCon Chicago.

But of course it's not enough to say "the community organizes the conference", it's really small groups of specific people, carrying out many tasks, some tasks those individuals have prior experience in, but many they're doing just because they care.

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