I want to build with Node.js

I'm excited about Node.js and I want to build things with it. The problem is finding and making time outside all the work-related projects that are happening (and that are certainly exciting as well).

I have three projects in mind right now:

  • Second-factor authentication REST-like API service using Twilio for one-time SMS codes
  • Dynamic, presenter-controlled in-browser streaming presentation software
  • Node Zombie Run

In reverse order, Node Zombie Run would be fun for the use of socket.io and maps and I'd get to work with the fun Aaron Forsander. I'd love to plug in SimpleGeo for contextual in-game location mechanics. The existing Zombie Run! is frustrating because the zombies are not restricted to roads, they can take the shortest path to you, even if that path is impossible in reality. Using tools like SimpleGeo would allow for real contraints to be brought into the game world, and additionally open up for fun things like user-generated maps!

I've been really interested in presentations and slides since I've been going to so many conferences the last couple years. Occasionally, such as the case of Jen Simmons at SW Drupal Summit, a presenter is not physically present to speak. Screen sharing and video from Skype works well enough, when the connection is capable enough, but streaming is not necessary on slides that change once a minute. It would be great to synchronize slide updates from the presenter's machine to attendees, or to the on-location machine. Long pulling, or sockets, seem perfect for this. Perhaps there's someway to combine S5 HTML slides as well with bonus points for dynamic updating! Google provides shared presentations with presenter updates but in my test it was non-operational. There's also ShowOff

And lastly, what I've probably made the most actual progress on (architecture) would be a SaaS for augmenting traditional login and password combinations with a unique code sent over a separate channel. Known as two-factor authentication this service would handle the SMS band, code generation, and code verification. TFA, or 2FA, seems to be gaining popularity this year perhaps due to the high profile data breaches. Recent SaaS providers in this field is http://duosecurity.com and https://alteregoapp.com.