Mustaches, charity, QueryPath and fun with images

I heard about from one of Cypher13's tweets last week and found the site they put together to grow staches with the Quick Left and Super Ordinary folks. Heavily inspired and challenged I roped the support of my buddy, Dan and hopefully Emily to start our own team. We are

It's been a fun weekend putting the site together. It started with registering the domain, hard to believe it was open, late after the Young Cities show (and a few beers) and hastily throwing up Drupal. Tonight, I finished up a module that uses QueryPath to extract mustache growth picture URLs from Twitter and whatever photo service is used (right now it only handles TweetPhoto and TwitPic). Images are saved locally and then put through ImageField and CCK so ImageCache can run some magic. That was fun!

So, it's a challenge, and it's fun, but it's for charity. So, check out and if you can spare $5 or even $10 you'll be helping two cool Denver programs serving the youth.