Woh, tell me more

Hi, I'm a human living in Brooklyn, NY, writing software, juggling, reading non-fiction, watching fiction, making picnics, and walking where I'm going.

This site is focused on my professional life. I work full-time building web applications with Drupal, php, and ruby and making them more secure and easier to use. I like automation, web services, web security, and contributing and participating in open-source projects. I'm not available for freelance hire right now. I graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a bachelor of science in Computer Science. I speak at conferences several times a year on subjects like website security and contributing back to open-source projects.

I work at CARD.com.

Some random details:

  • Born in a small town but love cities
  • Ginger, with sushi or in soda
  • The heart has its reasons which reason knows nothing of
  • Not riding my bike enough
  • Let's turn the TV off
  • Riddles, puzzles, and cards
  • Driving with the window down